Machakhela National Park

USD 33.33
USD 33.33


Detailed description:

Hiking trip in Machakhela National Park from Batumi 


Just after 40 minutes of driving from Batumi, you will find yourself in the middle of the gorgeous valley of Machakhela. It is a very popular destination from Batumi, but not everyone is challenging themselves to hike to the top of the mountain in the national park. Hiking and off-road driving in Machakhela National Park will give you the most unforgettable travel experience of your life

✔️ Duration of the tour: 8 hours

✔️ Driving time: 1 hour

Hiking details

✔️ Difficulty: Moderate

✔️ Distance: 9 km round trip

✔️ Altitude change: 700 m.

✔️  Duration: 5 hours

➡️ Tour price: 90 GEL per person

What is included

✔️ Transportation 4X4 vehicle ?

✔️ Professional trekking guide service ?‍♂️

✔️ Snacks for the picnic ☕

What to take:

✔️ Comfortable shoes ? recommended hiking boots

✔️ Bottle of water, ?

recommended 0.5 litres 

? Tour details:

The meeting point is at Europe square in Batumi. We drive to Machakhela valley, where you can see the waterfall, two rivers' confluence, gorgeous mountains and authentic village life. Soon we start off-road driving to the hiking trail starting point. Even this drive is unforgettable and exciting. We start hiking from starting point to the mountain top. There you will find the view which you'll never forget.